About Us 

Head Teacher

Sara Baldry became the Head Teacher in September 2017. Prior to this, Sara was the Centre Manager at the Nisai Learning Hub in Nottingham managing the learning and pastoral support of the KS3 and KS4 provision along with the Nisai Outreach Programme. Under Sara’s guidance, the Hub saw 5 years of 100% positive destinations for the Year 11 leavers, with students continuing on to further study or employment. 

Sara provides a caring, supportive and nurturing environment for every student, taking a genuine interest in their wellbeing, interests and future. Through Sara, Lammas School will be introduced to the Nisai ethos which focuses on supporting each learner as an individual and achieving both personal and academic results. 

Board of Directors

The board is comprised of the CEO of the Nisai Group Dhruv Pate, proprietor Jane Reynolds, plus two talented and dedicated parent-designated board members representing the parent investor group. Nisai will be instrumental in creating the NEW Lammas School during the 2017/18 Academic year, with new ownership and new direction to take Lammas School to new heights.

Dhruv Patel - CEO of The Nisai Group

Dhruv Patel is the CEO of The Nisai Group, an organisation dedicated to making education accessible for students around the world. For the past 15 years, Nisai has dedicated itself to providing services that support and achieve outcomes for young people around the world.

Dhruv started his career as an accountant before recognising a need for high-quality training services and eventually education for young people.

Dhruv’s passion and commitment to providing the best service for each student within his care is a beacon for the rest of Nisai. Dedicated and family orientated, Dhruv installs these same attributes within every aspect of the Nisai Group.


Jane Reynolds - Proprietor


Jane Reynolds CR

Jane Reynolds originally studied to be a historian but diverted her interests to business. She had a long career with Xerox Corporation in marketing and sales in the USA before joining the world of consulting when she returned to the UK. Consulting assignments had her working across Europe for companies including Ford Motor Company, AXA, Esso, and IBM. Jane spent a number of years commuting to the USA as part of the executive team at FableVision  Inc. which was founded by her brothers Peter and Paul Reynolds, and she remains a shareholder.   The company is dedicated to helping all learners discover their true potential in the interactive media it develops and its learning products division.
Jane is thrilled to be able to provide the leadership and management skills to Lammas School to support the development of a unique learning environment. Jane is the great-great granddaughter of Welsh educator & philanthropist Sir Hugh Owen (1804-1881.)  As an early progressive educational pioneer, he dedicated his life to making public secondary and higher education available to all in Wales, founding the country’s first public university (The University of Wales at Aberystwyth) as well as a college for teacher training (Bangor Normal College.)  Knighted shortly before his death for his efforts, Hugh dedicated his life to democratising education so that ALL people with an appetite to learn could navigate their true potential. Jane notes, “My mission is to support and extend Hugh’s vision – working to invite every kind of learner to flourish at Lammas.  We will achieve this by developing a supportive learning environment, supported by great teachers and creative tools that offer a more learner-centric, personalised curriculum.”
Jane has an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MA in History from Brandeis University and a BA in History with highest honours from Tufts University. She also attended the London School of Economics.


Andrew Cripps - Director


Andrew Cripps is the principal in a successful accountancy firm, ApC Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors, with a practice covering the East Midlands.  The clients are owner managed business with everyday problems seeking proactive and sometimes innovative solutions. This enables Andrew to have a unique insight into the business and finance matters of the school. Andrew has two children, both students at the school. Andrew firmly believes that the school should prepare children and young adults not just for their academic studies, but also for life.
Andrew is a long-time resident of Mansfield and is involved in the community as well as family life. He is an active Roundtabler, raising money for charities and good causes. He loves taekwondo, and family days out golfing, as well as family holidays to Florida. 

He attended a state boarding school and went on to Nottingham for university where he obtained his BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance.

Stephen Rye - Director

A father of two children at the school, Stephen adds his experience as a local business man and long term resident of the area. His major passion is Apple Mac computers and he has museum of Apple development! His enthusiasm for the school is greatly appreciated.

Governing Advisory Group

The Board is supported in its work of educational governance by the Governing Advisory Group, instituted in September 2013.  This group aims to ensure our school governance is of the highest level focusing on both educational and health/safety policies.