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The History

from website schoolprofile5 chWe are situated on a site that has been a school since the 17th century. In 1659, Ann Mason included in her will a clause to finance the teaching of the children in Sutton, to a standard whereby they could read the Bible. She died in 1669 and the school, originally St. Mary’s School, opened a year later.   The present building, adjacent to St. Mary Magdalene Church, was built by the National Society in 1846.  In 1981, it was opened as an Independent School after St Mary's moved to Springwood View Close.
In 2010, the school came under new ownership and benefitted from a major refurbishment programme for the opening in September 2010.  The new management team is leading Lammas School to new levels of excellence for the 21st century.



While the school is named for the street it is on, the word "Lammas" means "loaf-mass" and is a festival celebrated on 1 August.  Lammas Day was one of the oldest medieval festivals, a feast with pagan origins. It was a celebration of the end of the growing season and the gathering of the harvest.

It dates back to the reign of King Alfred of Wessex, in the ninth century when the first loaves baked from the harvest were blessed in church, to celebrate the safely gathered crops.